3 cabins on fly-in locations.

Our outposts are now being serviced and run by  Clarks Resorts & Outposts. You can reach Karla at

Gull South Fly-In Outpost

The cabin is on a pine point beside a lovely sand beach situated in a conservation reserve to protect the surrounding forest from logging. Another feature of this cabin is the 2 mile hiking trail behind the cabin. Being part of the Cat River system, Gull Lake provides unlimited locations to angle for walleye and the abundant northern pike.

  • Max: 8 People
  • Bed: twin beds

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Gull North Fly-In Outpost

The north cabin is very large and is located at the mouth of the Birch River. Your day starts with a tough decision: turn left and travel for up to 10 miles on the river with protected water with rapids and current areas, or turn right and start exploring the hundreds of miles of shoreline, islands and reefs.

  • Max: 12 People
  • Bed: twin beds and double


Christina Lake Outpost

Christina Lake is a smaller log cabin with a big covered deck. Christina Lake is about fifteen feet higher in elevation and at a small water falls flows in Gull South down the east arm. This Lake is a great spot for two to four people that after a hard days fishing for Walleye and Big Northern Pike enjoy relaxing on the deck to watch the sunset. The cabin is solar powered for lights, fridge and water with propane stove and water heater.