3 cabins on fly-in locations.

Red Pine Lodge - Outposts

Rates based on 200lbs per person and 200lbs gear each. If your group is a little over weight the remaining gear, which is usually beer, pop or water, will be dropped off on the check flight with no charge. If you are figuring out weights, 24 – 350ml. cans of pop or beer or water weight in at 20lbs. Smaller coolers are better than the really big ones when it comes to packing on the plane and then carrying up to the cabin. When packing your stuff for the floatplane ride in, just think of your gear as all having to be loaded into a lifted pick up while your balancing on a log. So please keep the weight down in the really big coolers and the big stacking boxes.

I have the only cabins on Gull South and Gull North lakes. The South cabin is built on a large wooded sand esker and with normal water levels you can walk the whole half mile bay to the east as it is all sand. The cabin is a large manufactured log building. Across the back there are two big bedrooms holding up to eight and a bathroom. In front is a large eating and sitting area with a wood stove for heat. Lights and water pump are solar, the fridge, freezer and water heater are propane.

Gull North was replaced over the past two years and the living space is three buildings all connected by covered decks on the front. The fourth building down by the lake is for storage and fish cleaning. The main building has a bathroom, kitchen and open area for sitting and eating. The other two cabins are for sleeping with four beds in the middle and seven beds on the end. The camp is run on a generator, supplying the lights, a full size fridge, 12cf. freezer, microwave, toaster, blender and a Crockpot. The three connected cabins have propane wall heaters, and the stove and the demand hot water are also propane. Water is solar and 12 volt battery.

Christina Lake is a smaller log cabin with a big covered deck. Christina Lake is about fifteen feet higher in elevation and at a small water falls flows in Gull South down the east arm. This Lake is a great spot for two to four people that after a hard days fishing for Walleye and Big Northern Pike enjoy relaxing on the deck to watch the sunset. The cabin is solar powered for lights, fridge and water with propane stove and water heater.